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Desoldering station/gun above ZD-915/474A++ ?

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I've been looking for a desoldering station (with sucker pump) for THT in the 100€ +/- price range.

After reading and and watching a lot of reviews, I've noticed that ZD-915/ZD-8915/474A++ kind of .... well, suck. With different design faults making them get clogged way to easily, real difficulties to open the sucked solder tank, 12V cooling fan powered at 18V and so on. Another funny thing is that the same models are sold by a lot of different brands with just a different color and sometimes just different label. I can't even find the manufacturer that makes all these white label thingies.

I guess ZD-915 would kind of work most of the time for a hobbyist, but I'd look for something better that wouldn't break the bank.

So what better desoldering stations are there in a 150€ +/- price range?

I have also been looking into this. My 9yo ZD-915 is getting a bit old and replacement tips are getting difficult to find.

Well, if ZD-915 reached 9 years it ain’t that bad. How much are you using it?

And how did you get passed that solder tank that refuses to get out? Any other issues with it?

And did you step down the fan voltage?

It is not a tool i use one every 2 weeks or so on average.
Have not had an issue with it until recently when it started getting a bit random when resuming from standby temp. Probably an easy fix, just have not looked at it yet.
Have not made any mods to it at all.
The solder collection tank comes out easy enough once you get the hang of it. The trick is to make sure the small button on the rear has fully released and the rear mount is fully moved back.


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