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Digikey claims shorter lead time (LOL)


Oh, really?  :-DD
Seems someone took the already changing situation and turned it into a marketing stunt. 
@Digikey-  tell you a little secret if you promise to not tell anyone: 13 weeks lead time Sucks!
--- Quote ---ADI Lead-Time Improvements       Analog Devices and Digi-Key Electronics are pleased to announce that lead times for Analog Devices' products are improving in 2023! As of today, half of Analog Devices' portfolio has fewer than 13 weeks of lead time.   This lead-time improvement is expected to continue throughout 2023, with 95% of Analog Devices' portfolio (75K+ unique parts) to be at 13 weeks or less by October 2023.
--- End quote ---

What was lead time before current shortage?

I've sampled a few components from our database from 2019 and we had about 10-12 weeks lead time for some components from Linear and 7-9 weeks for some components from Analog Devices.
13 weeks is not good, but it's not that bad either.

For me as a hobbyist the most annoying part is when I make an order, there is always something out of stock. I'll get those parts if I wait, but something else will be out of stock.

13 weeks is about normal for the semiconductor industry.  Remember, this is talking about the huge volumes that Digi-Key deals with not the 1 or 2 off they sell hobbyists.   If Digi-Key gets large demand for a component then they have to push an order downstream to ADI, etc. and they're saying that they can get replenished within 13 weeks now so that's about right.


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