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Digital Tachometer - Presentation testing

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I was in need to measure my power drill rotations per minute ,
so to accurately adjust the speed  at the specs of the drill bit that i will go to use.

Started searching and got this one ... many digits ( 99.999 RPM ) and looked well made from outside.  

Got it for 10 EUR , and passed all my tests , inner quality + accuracy .
So here it is ,  my new Digital Tachometer ..

Plus my patent , an Velcro collar , with some of the special reflective tape on it ,
so to be totally reusable , and to eliminate the need of buying extra reflective tape in the future.

Test bed , my PLL controlled direct drive Turntable .

The results , more than perfect .

The specific  Digital Tachometer  XXXXC+ , can measure from 2Cm to 50Cm distance ...  in my tests
I got good readings  from 2 meters far ..  ;D

Enjoy the view ..


Photos continued ...

Testing  33+1/3 RPM &  45 RPM

And a nice video about turntable  records  ..  ;)!

I took one look at that and thought wow - I made something similar for my second year project at uni. Wasn't as well packaged though.


Whats the highest rotational speed it can measure?


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