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does any one know this panel meter ?, any one can give me better preformens one?

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Hello folk's ,

I am building a 0-30V 0-10A power supply , ( I know too much excessive ... but I can let myself .. )

I need to buy at least 2 panel meter's , (1): for the voltage and (2) :for amperg , and maby I'll buy 4 of them :  1 and 2 for V and A .(3): For CC set ( it will show me the voltage between the non inverting and GND , wich is the max allow able current that will flow   ) . And (4) : is the power that the power supply will give me ( V times A ) ,

What I want to know is :

(1) : Does any one know this seller ? 
(2) : Does the info that he gives me is correct ? ( 0.1% , 4 ½ digit's display ? , a possibility to modified it to :200mV , 2V , 20V , 200V ? : Ok I need to replace 3 resistors 0.1% and I'll be fine ? , max resolution is 100uA ? /100uV ? )

And all of this he afford me for only 19.50$ ? sounds a little bit lie ? or not ?

Please tell me that I am wrong 


Right now I don't see any problem with the schema( I'll not upload it here because this isn't the right subject to disscust on .. I'll might upload it in new subject on future ) .

Thank's for the comment's , have a nice day .

It looks like the components are hand soldered.

The panel and seller seem reputable, with about 1% irate customers, per his rating.  There are other providers of panel meters, at 3.5 digits, its typically as low as $5 and sellers more reputable.  Cheap ones are ~ < 1% accuracy.  A favorite is the PM128, its sold like hotcakes.  Without proper temperature compensation, even using 0.1% resistors will cause drifting with ambient conditions after you calibrate it, so the 0.1% is not going to be easy to achieve.  If you just use run of the mill 0.1% you easily achieve 1% accuracy, and thus most mass production meters are as so.


I was had plans to buy one of those , but it looks that the maker of it,  has as plan to make a fortune of it,
as the price still remains extremely high in comparison with the four digits versions.

The negative part is that also the four digits version is not that well made either.
Instead of getting one of those , I got on eBay an complete Fluke 8010A bench top at less than 30$.

He has some negative feedback but his answers are priceless, certainly wouldn't buy from him:
Required to join a forum to get item documentation that proved to be wrong.   
    Reply by coldfusionx (Apr-15-11 01:08):
    No one ask you to join forum to get manual. Manual always open. What a cry BB!!

seller would not communicate   Buyer:
    Reply by coldfusionx (Feb-25-11 15:34):
    Asked inrelevant question (modification). He is one lack of communication.."


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