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Does anybody actually make a wider breadboard?

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Is there any company out there that actually makes a wider breadboard? One with more than 5 rows on each side, and still retains the 0.3" spacing in the middle.

It seems to be a common frustration that dev boards and modules are frequently too wide to work with on a breadboard. In particular, I was just playing with an ESP32 dev board yesterday and got annoyed at there only being a single row on one side free when it's plugged in. A wider board would be ideal for these situations.

Yes, I know you can join together two boards without the power strips, or literally cut a board down the middle and space it however you like, but I can't help wonder if there's an actual product out there catering to the need for more width.

This one  :-//

No, that's not what I'm talking about - that's just two standard ones stuck together. I know you can get 2x, 3x, 4x wide assemblies.

I'm talking about an actual single-piece board with more than the usual 5 rows of holes each side of the central divider.

For wider modules one could the wider gap between 2 such standard boards. That could give you a 0.4" or 0.7" gap. The small gap would than be on both sides.

A fair few dev boards seem to be adopting the Arduino footprint, so I bought one of these mainly on a whim after seeing Dave enthuse about it on one of his mailbags and because my decades-old 3M breadboard was falling to bits.

(Actually, I think I've used it a grand total of once, to test a LCD display. But it seems quite good anyway)


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