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Dyson v7 Trigger cordless vacuum - TEARDOWN of battery pack

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--- Quote from: gold oxide on November 16, 2023, 05:46:44 am ---I have one of those batteries (Dyson V6, SV3) here. A friend of mine had  already removed the case and pulled the switch from the spring contraption weeks prior (not knowing this will permanently pull the trigger). So the pack to my understanding kept the ┬ÁC awake and switched the mosfet without a load until it went into undervoltage shutdown or some kind of timeout failure mode.

Cells were around 3.45V each when I got it. No LED, no response to the switch or plugging charger. Charged it in series with a bench PSU to 25V and still no reaction at all.

I reset it by removing the (-) tab from the pack and it went into red blink lockout. Just for posterity: Is there any other way to recover the battery from the completely non responisve state without triggering lockout?

Great work on that firmware tinfever, will have to get a PicKit and give it a try.

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Usually connecting the charger like you did should do something. I can't recall if I've seen one that's completely unresponsive before. I would have suggested charging up all of the cells directly to a safe range, because it's possible that the BMS won't wake up at all if the cells are too low, but it sounds like you already tried that to.

--- Quote from: Manuel Wald on November 16, 2023, 11:01:09 am ---Thanks for the reply,
I found the checkmark and it works!!! :popcorn:

Now I have two more batteries that I would like to bring to life:

Type SV10 from Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner with 20700 cells, BMS 180207-02/04

When I press the button and apply the magent to the reed switch, the battery flashes blue, approx. 3-5 times.
I then measured all the cells, 3.8-3.9 V, I then connected my balance charger directly to the cells and charged the battery to 4.2 V.
All cells checked with a measuring device, from 4.17-4.2V, internal resistance 25 mOhm. :bullshit:
Flashing blue light still remains... |O

Do you have any tips on how I should proceed?
Please provide feedback, thank you.

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I'm not sure about this one. Have you connected the normal charger? If the BMS sees the cell voltages get too low, it can do a normal low battery lockout until the charger is plugged in, even if just for a second.


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