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Eakins autofocus microscope 1080P 60FPS SONY IMX 290 Sensor

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Hi, guys. I want to warn you against purchasing an Eakins microscope from the Eakins Microscope Store.
Never buy from this seller. He's a swindler and a liar.
1. Sold a faulty microscope. HDMI connector does not have an image. Checked on two monitors.
2. The FE1.1S chip has pin №20 VDD5 not soldered to the board. And there is no solder under pin №20 on the board. When asked about a ration defect that I discovered the answer I never received from the seller. Whether the leg of the chip should hang in the air or not I still do not know.
3. Instead of a high-quality optical sensor, the Sony IMX 290 sent a cheap IMX 307 sensor. Even in correspondence, he promised to deliver IMX 290.

The seller did not answer any of my questions. I opened a dispute. Offered a return of goods and money. I refused. The reason is simple. The return was offered in Russian rubles. After certain events in the world, the ruble exchange rate in the Ali store fell 3 times. Given the fixed price of goods in dollars on Ali, I was offered to return exactly a third of the cost of the microscope. Obviously, I refused. Now trying to find the reason that there is no image when connecting the monitor via HDMI.
What is amazing - when connecting the HDMI-VGA converter, there is an image. There is also an image when using an HDMI to USB video capture device.
I have now checked for pin №18 +5 volts. The measurement showed 4.88V by one tester, 4.91V by another. I don't know if this could be the reason (reduced by 0.1V value)? Does anyone have any thoughts about this problem?

Thanks for the warning, I actually had one in my shopping cart there.
Was just about to hit the buy button. >:(

The tell for me, that would persuade me to look elsewhere, is the camera's fantastic specifications

Even getting a useful 20 megapixels out of a 1/2.8-inch sensor would be utter fantasy.


--- Quote from: alpher on March 18, 2022, 03:19:31 pm ---Thanks for the warning, I actually had one in my shopping cart there.
Was just about to hit the buy button. >:(

--- End quote ---
Glad I helped someone by my misfortune. Here is a discussion of a similar deception of customers by a Chinese seller. I love German and Japanese equipment. But because of poverty, you have to play Chinese roulette.


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