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Electronic Personal Dosimeter between $500-$1200 - not made in China or Russia


Demon Core:
First post here, can anyone recommend a good quality and reputable EPD for measuring absorbed dose of gamma, beta, and X-radiation? I work in a healthcare setting (Nuc-Med and Fluoroscopy) so this would be to complement my TLD dosimeter. Caveats are that it must not be made in China or Russia and must be able to detect a wide energy range.

So far I am considering these:

MGP Instruments/Mirion DMC3000 (Gamma & X but measures beta with optional module):

Fuji Electric Dose-i (Gamma and X only):

Thermo Scientific EPD Trudose (Gamma, X, and beta):

Can you expand on your worries? 

1) Your employer provides what is needed for OSHA and beyond.
2) What isn't made in China today?  Why does that worry you?

Demon Core:
Not worried about the radiation I'm receiving through my line of work. This is just for educational and somewhat novelty purposes as to whether any radiation is penetrating through the roll up shielding and how far scatter radiation is reaching. We also use O-arms at our facility and I'd like to see what dose I would be getting standing within the OR suite.

Plenty of products are still not made in China. I am aware that components are sourced all around the world now but generally the stuff made in Germany, Japan, USA, etc. tend to be of much higher quality with better QC, componentry selection, testing, and after support.

AFAIK, TLD dosimeters don't provide me with real-time dose readings and logs. It will be fun, informative, and educational to all!

It's not a critical question, but does your application require sensitivity to beta radiation as well as x-ray/gamma photon radiation?
If your only x-ray exposure is to diagnostic x-rays (< 200 keV, say), then neutrons are not a problem.  Neutrons are generated, however, with radiotherapy equipment above roughly 6 MeV x-ray output.

The ones we use at work are the thermo-fisher epd's. Gamma is our main interest.


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