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ENGINEER SS-02 SOLDER SUCKER review + awful service customer

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--- Quote from: boffin on November 16, 2018, 10:51:44 pm ---The seal itself appears to be 16x18x3mm.  Someone would make a fortune (ok a little money), selling a kit of a small pouch of grease, the seal, and a piece of silicone tube to replace the tip for $10.  If I could source all the parts, I'd be willing to do it, but shipping from Canada is horrible (more expensive than even Australia)

--- End quote ---

Technical specification of this o-ring/seal :
Type : Piston U-Seal
Dimensions :
ID  : 13 mm.
OD : 19 mm.
H   : 3,5 mm.
Link for Piston U-Seal

The silicon Nozzle/Tube
Dimensions :
ID : 2 mm.
OD : 4 mm.
Link for the silicon Nozzle/Tube :

I took mine apart at the weekend, cleaned all  the existing goo, covered it with a good spray of jig-a-loo (silicone lubricant), and it works like a charm now.

I have this since October 2012. I have at least 4 suckers in my drawer which I rotate use as I wish. I clean them end of every month. The SS-02 worn out the release trigger. It won't lock. It's made out of aluminium and friction on the stainless plunger shaft chewed the release button. Fortunately I could reverse the trigger so I could get a second life. I don't use it that often anymore. It's a poor designed not for everyday use.

does anyone find a site/seller that sells the Piston U-Seal?


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