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Here is a brief review of the Ersa vacuum station CU 100. Here in connection with a X-Tool desoldering-Iron and a old Ersa I-Con. The special of the old I-Con is, that at this a variety of tools such as soldering irons from the Ersa Digit2000, X-Tool, Chip tool, Tech tool, etc. can be connected. This was then changed with the newer I-Con1. The old I-Con was then replaced by the I-Con2. Otherwise, the old I-Con is no different from the new I-Con1. Since there already enough pictures of the I-Con1 is set and this has been described here in this forum, I shall confine myself to the vacuum station.

At the Vacuum station, the Ersa X-Tool, a desoldering-Iron, can be connected.

The device is somewhat smaller than the soldering stations I-Con1 / 2. In front of the panel is in each case a connection for vacuum and a compressed air and the power switch.
Upon opening the machine, you see little more than a small pump (a high-Quality Part from EBM-Papst) and a small circuit-board which ensures, that the instrument again goes out after a short time of operation (hef4538 NXP Monostabiler Multivibrator). All is “Made in Germany”.:) On the circuit- board there is a vacuum switch. Pressing the switch on the X-tool-iron, a valve is opened, vacuum falls, the pump starts and the station draws air. If the switch on the X-Tool is closed, a vacuum is created again and the vacuum switch turns off over a the HEF4538 after a fixed time-period the pump. A simple, small circuit. This works well and also quite reliable. Disadvantage: it is important that the whole system is sealed. A small leak somewhere and the pump would run through or start over again. An electrically operated switch would certainly be less prone to error than this solution. Until now, the station still works reliably.

And more...

If I understand well the operation  of this device the pump does not start when you press the button on the handpiece, put pre-existing vacuum is present and eventually reformed. This should work better than standard systems, where vacuum is created when pressing the handpiece button and a negative pressure must slowly form in the tubing from pump to handpiece.
This means you do not need a cable from the handpiece to the pump unit.
Very nice.

Yes, it pumps when the pressure rises. I use it with a vacuum pickup tool too although it has nothing to do with ersa.

Thank you Alfons. I just bought a defective Desoldering station consisting of the Digital 2000A, CU100 vacuum unit and X-tool. The problem is no or not enough vacuum. Will be nice for me when it comes so I can start to troubleshoot.

To be honest, in the pictures of the Ebay sale the vacuum line was connected to the pressure output instead of the vacuum, so it might be just that and no defect :)
How can somebody with such equipment make this mistake?


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