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Ersa IR500 solder SMT rework station. Still relevant??


I have come across a Ersa IR500 smt solder rework station. 
I found a really old article/review here which says nice things about it.  The price then was eye watering.
Getting original vacuum suction cups could be an issue, but I suspect others are suitable.

Is this thing still relevant/useful or is there something better/cheaper etc?

Without providing a price, we can't say if there is something better/cheaper.
It looks quite good. Maybe only limitation is the preheater (400W), so medium/small boards.

The IR bulb will not last forever, so you may want to look up what part that uses.

I am thinking if parts are still available, they are likely to be way too many dollars. 
I have a hot air rework station that does what I need.  I don't do BGAs so the Ersa IR500 would  be a nice to have that I would rarely use.  Maybe never.
The one I am looking at is about 1/10th the original new price.  I think I should spend my cash on something else.

I have one of these that I bought cheap locally (250€) and I like it. For suction cups I use these from Ali-express:

Have not yet replaced any heating elements, but it uses an Elstein T-HTS 400 heating element for the bottom heater and something similar for the top heater (have not checked that one). These elements still same available.


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