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Faxitron Biovision/Bioptics Win7 (PCI resource issue)

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I just picked up a Faxitron Biovision ( also called OR) system.
AFAIK it worked before the recycler pulled the HD out  >:(
I have the original faxitron install CD though.
New HD, Win7Pro ( 32 bit) installed, faxitron SW installed.
I'm stuck at getting the PCI -EISA bridge ( PLX chip on imager card) driver to work.
See attached in device manager - claims it can't find resources, but won't say what resources it's looking for. nothing shown on "resources" tab.
Device manager also showing "Bioptics PCI card", but not able to start, presumably due to the above issue.

I've tried disabling both LAN interfaces, audio and COM ports, no change.



Someone on eBay has the image of the HD  for the newer working complete ~2009   Bioptics Faxitron !!

   Perhaps ask upfront for the HD image, for your "identical" machine, that has No HD ?


I got an image from elsewhere, but still couldn't get it going - think there was a hardware issue


hi Mike,

My BiOptics Bio Vision Faxitron unit is ~ year 2009 to 2011 having the Win7 cpu installed at the Bottom of the unit.
It came without a HD & No system.

Initially, it would Not power up due to the built-in Tripp-Lite battery backup unit failure ( dead batteries ):
Opened it up and disconnected the two (2) Tripp-Lite units:
a) 12V Battery pack ( on left ) BP12V54
b) HC350 RK power supply having three (3) Comm conncetions ( USB1, COMM1 black & COMM2 gray ).
Of These three signal cables: the USB goes to the CPU, the two Cat-5 cables go upwards; perhaps to the LCD screen for kV indication, etc, and possibly the 2nd Cat-5 cable to a thermistor on the xR tube: just a guess, Not sure yet.
pulled out the three (3) 120 power plugs from this unit  ( going to: CPU, CPU monitor screen, & XR tube closed frame power supply ),
 & plugged these 3  + the 4th plug from the HC350RK into a standard power bar. Instrument then powered on.

Note: must temporarily tape down the two (2) rear cover Interlock micro-switched.

But, I don't have the system image for the HD ( ... Anyone ? )

Beyond dead batteries in the Tripp-Lite BP12v54, there is something wrong with my HC350RK PS.
I will dig into that soon.
Tripp-Lite Website does not have much in the way of useful info on this unit, no schematics.
( HC350RK Schematics ...  Anyone ?? )
Newer version ( perhaps without USB & 2 COMM I/O ) might be: HC350RS or HC350S series; unknown.

 If anyone has the System HD installation image or CD ROM, I would appreciate it ( PM please )

Have not yet dissected more of the unit:
The Xr tube seems to be different than the Faxitron MX20
The detector is a 10cm x 15cm USB O/P

Photos of BiOptics Bio Vision Faxitron


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