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Faxitron MX-20 Reverse engineering (with some good results)

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Here's the set of links:
Gun board:
Controller board:

Gun board annotated with measurements:

Thermal cam shot:

The component getting hot is the reed relay K1. The temperature did not noticeably change whether it was on or off.

Some scope shots of the mA current output:

The high frequency content is always present and I'm pretty sure it's just EMI/bad probing (the current output port only fits a multimeter lead). The ~25kHz content however is increasing with increased kV, so something's weird there. Note that the average remains roughly constant at -250mV.

After some debugging I noticed that L2Q was set to a way higher value than the manual specified, around -280V. It does claim that you need to follow the tube test sheet but I adjusted it to -200 or so and got closer to the 0.3mA of current that it should have. Still can't go above it (so really bad SNR at lower voltages) but that's good enough for me since I image at max voltage.

Some images of a 10-layer board attached.


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