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Fluke 87 V Continuity Beeper

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Here's some data points from my box o'multimeters:
87V: on at <= 53, off at >= 91
87:  on at <= 73, off at >= 199
83:  on at <= 53, off at >= 160


--- Quote from: saturation on January 08, 2011, 09:23:31 pm ---Great question, glad Kiriakos tested it empirically.  Its good to know.

--- End quote ---

I did the test with my Decade resistors box..
And so my numbers are spot on  0.1%   ;)

Richard W.:
Thanks for all the interesting results. I am also surprised about the high values.
The beep-value on my gossen metrawatt is adjustable. (1;10;20;30;40 and 90 ohms).
10 ohms is the factory-preset value. I hoped that this setting could have been the reason of the slower responsing time. But obviously it doesn't matter at all.

For the only "adjustable" that I would fly my hat , would be the volume of the beeper.

--- Quote ---slower responsing
--- End quote ---

Only Dave are good at playing music with the leads and the beeper ,
but he had practice allot ..  ;D

i made a continuity beeper using a few triple 5's not sure what resistance it will still beep at but less than 1k probably


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