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Fluke 87 V Continuity Beeper

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Richard W.:

does anybody know the maximum resistance at wich the beeper of a Fluke 87V indicates continuity?
There is no specification in the manual.

Maybe someone could try it out with a potentiometer?

with best regards

Interesting question ..

I run this test on my 28II Fluke , identical to 87V ..

And the beeper beeps happily  from 0 - 112  113 Ohms ...  then stops. 

Great question, glad Kiriakos tested it empirically.  Its good to know.


--- Quote from: Richard W. on January 08, 2011, 07:51:15 pm ---There is no specification in the manual.

--- End quote ---

Interesting.  That information seems to have been missing for the series III too, but the original 80 series manual did give "typical" values.

The specifications for the Fluke 179 state that the beeper turns on at <25? and off at >250?.  The actual behaviour is on at <=43? and off at >=81?.

Amprobe 38XR-A manual says that the tone indicates <40?, which is exactly what you get.

Those numbers are surprisingly high.  I would have guessed much lower.


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