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--- Quote from: Georgy.Moshkin on June 01, 2023, 02:46:59 pm ---false sense of safety is what should be avoided here. I am familiar with affordable devices for measuring pm2.5, tvoc and formaldehydes, but haven't seen anything that may be useful in this case. you've probably already used some kind of ventilation, so keep it to be safe, maybe even upgrading it with powerful inline fan, and a second one for fresh air intake from outdoors. Moreover, people often forget about protecting their skin. Hands, neck and face skin should be protected from all those microsprayed splashes and droplets of solder and flux. I use an old long sleeve shirt, thin gloves, full face transparent cover (you can find it as face protection used for cooking/frying), 3m carbon face mask under this cover for anything escaped exhaust fan and sneaked under face cover

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I don't think safety is a major concern for typical hobbyist soldering. We're not talking production work with a room full of wave soldering machines or rows of people soldering, it's not painting with nasty organic solvent vapors. All you really need is something to keep the smoke out of your face, people soldered for decades with no protection at all, which does not prove that it's safe, but there doesn't seem to be any indication that it is particularly bad for you either.

agree on hobby. With many desoldering I'd be more cautious. Smells can become really bad during heatup, especially when extracting components from burnt PCBs

gonna throw my 2cents in here since i went down this road recently, i found it was best to exhaust out a window and it can be done fairly cheaply
your local home improvement store may sell inline fan kits in various sizes from 100mm or 4" and larger in the kitchen/shower diy sections should have various parts to customize this to your setup
the kits don't usually have an 'Inline Backdraft Damper' so id get one and have it at the window mount to stop backdrafts so you can still solder during the winter,
how you mount it to the window will be dependant on your window type, my house is from the 1950s and has those old school spring pull up windows so i got some wood, drilled a hole for the fan and the force from the window holds it firmly in place.

with hindsight i would've changed a few things with my setup as originally i bought a "Micron FUME Extractor Desk Swing Arm T1297" and thought running a tube from that to the window would be enough, in reality the fan was aweful and pushed bugger all air and i got a lot of backdraft so i had to rethink and ended up modding my setup with the inline fan which works way better and i wouldn't even need the micron fan except it already came with a 100mm duct mount on the back and the spring arm helps push/pull it toward or away from your workspace as needed

if i was to redo that part id used loc-line tubing or something like the exhuast with a hood on the aliexpress image9 below instead of the micron fan, the only issue being the largest size is 75mm so either you could get a 75mm inline fan and tubing for a more compact setup, or adapt 100mm to 75mm as 100mm inline fans are more common.

try to go with a mixflow inline fan as they should push more airflow than some cheaper ones, locally the cheapest inline fan was an axial type at 119 m3/hr noise of 40dB another i found on ebay was a mixflow and had two speed modes of 145m3/hr or 187m3/hr at 34dbA or quieter at lower speed and was only $20aud more than the cheaper axial type

Edit: another option for those not wanting to exhaust out a window and want a simpler setup, get a decent quality true HEPA air purifier and plonk it close to your soldering, personally i got an Arovec AV-P152PRO which has 250m3/hr on max, and was under $200aud on sale. at max fan speed it soaks up the fumes easily, the only downside of this method aside from being a bit bulky on the desk depending on the model you get, is you'll need to replace the air filters overtime which costs whereas a nice exhaust setup you don't need to worry about replacing filters

I recommend taking action to eliminate or mitigate the issue of fumes in the hobby soldering world as soon as you are doing any sort of mass production.  eg Where you will be sitting at a desk for an hour or so making 10,50,200 of something.


--- Quote from: joeyjoejoe on May 26, 2023, 05:43:06 pm ---
--- Quote from: lfldp on January 16, 2023, 08:41:30 am ---f thats why small ammount of activated alumina is added to high end soldering/printing fume extractors

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Would the Hakko FA-430 qualify as a high end extractor?

I have been venting outside, but I get lazy in setting this up for quick soldering jobs. Ignoring the price, my concern is

1. How effective is FA-430
2. If effective, will the charcoal degrade over time without use, and to what degree.

Hobby use only so I won't use it a lot, so buying a really expensive replacement charcoal layer often is not really a great use of funds.

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i heard about this fume extractor use just crap activated carbon and dont remove formaldehyde fumes like others such as weller/bofa and chinese soldering fume extractors


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