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G600 Microscope dead keys / sporadic inputs

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Rooster Cogburn:
It was in the MO range after I cleaned the flux residue next to the test pads. And I'm sure if I measure the MODE button it would sporadically close with some non-zero resistance. I didn't do that because I was investigating why there's a connection even when no switch is pressed, I only tested the switches open.

If you look at the PCB next to the capacitor, there's an unpopulated pad for a resistor to ground...

In any case, I'm fine with the way it is now. I learned something (thanks!!) and my microscope is working good enough now. The MODE button switches between live view, picture & video modes, and I never need to press it as I only use the live view. I have the exact replacement switch I need, so I could just swap it if I ever have any issues.

I guess the unpopulated resistor it's a ā€¯better safe than sorry" thing, you never know if something will need a last minute change after fabrication, for whatever reason.

Rooster Cogburn:
I think so. Like adding a pad for a decoupling capacitor and not populating it. Doesn't cost you anything and if you find you need it you don't have to do another spin on the PCB.


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