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[GaoJie S-998P/PN-998] Is it okay to run the 220V version on 110V?


Hello everyone,

I recently ordered a cheap S-998P desoldering pump from aliexpress and had selected the 110V version.

When it arrived I discovered it was just the 220V-240V version with a Type I plug. To make it "110V", they included a Type I to Type B plug adapter.

I was wondering if anyone knows if there's a difference in the S-998P Circuit Boards between the 110V and 220V versions. Since the circuit board is also used on the S-993 series of desoldering guns.

I'm hoping I can just use the gun as is, without having to get a step-up transformer. But am confused about the differences in voltage spec since on aliexpress some sellers sell separate replacement circuit boards for 110V and 220V specs.

And if it is okay to just use the gun without modification to the power side, can I just chop off the Type I plug and put on a proper Type B plug.

Thank you in advance. Sorry if the above post is hard to read :( this situation has been a big stressful although somewhat expected from aliexpress.

The heater core is different for 110V and 220V, so it might not work. But, plug it in and try, see what happens. Best if you can use a watt-meter to measure the power consumption too.

Make sure you do not mark the aliexpress item as "received" yet.
If it doesn't work, contact the seller and let them know you received the wrong voltage.

Thank you for the reply. So basically the heater cores are different but the control boards are the same?

It seems to heat up when plugged in though. As for being hot enough to melt solder. That I haven't tested yet. :( I don't have a wattage meter at the moment.

Update: I just checked. Looks like the seller had replaced the heater core before shipping to me. The assembly says 110V 80W.

Thank you for the help.


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