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GME technology products review and teardown (3 in 1 review)



I decided i need a resistor decade for developing some of my circuits. Using pots for quick debugging is over complicated and I need long time to set various resistances. Last time i used one of those was in school. I remembered in school we had many broken ones and our teacher said they have special variable resistors which are impossible to obtain. Well it was 7 years ago...

After searching eBay i found GME technology products which looked fine, they have standard switches (easily replacable) and standard resistors (probably) so it would be easily replaced.

While browsing their distributor on eBay i seen they have a nice capacitor decade box too. Well i bought that one too.

And then i seen they have a nice ESR meter, and my bench Hameg one cant test capacitors in circuit (theirs can), does not give a quick visual response about the state of capacitor. And i don't use my Hameg modular system when when working with high voltage since its very expensive, unrepairable so i just use it for low voltage stuff where I'm sure nothing bad can happen. So i bought that too, what the heck I'm allready saving on combined shipping.

Then i saw their handheld DDS function generator and i didn't buy it since its crap  :)

Teardown pictures to follow today or tomorrow.

Here are the units proudly sitting on the bench. I like the units because they are very small, compact and have quality feeling. Case of units is made from plastics and they have a rubber case with a stand in the back. The units work very good, i was impressed by ESR meter performance. It measured good known good capacitors and in a moment catches known bad capacitors.

The only thing i don't like that leads of ESR meter are hard soldered to the unit and do not use a connector. Since this are so simply units i don't know what to review more  :)

The funny fact : The capacitor decade fell to bits when i removed rubber case, it looks like Chinese forget to put screws. It can clearly be seen the casing never seen a self tapping screw  ;D

I am a little distracted by the labrador pulling a cart.


--- Quote from: Time on July 19, 2011, 04:37:33 pm ---I am a little distracted by the labrador pulling a cart.

--- End quote ---

He is collecting solder drops to his cart so they don't burn the table  :)


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