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Good Budget Datalogging DMM?

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The 289 will log "events," such as a change in voltage, as they occur, but it is too quick to trigger, so you will get a lot of garbage readings in between resistor measurements.

The 289 is a bench meter in drag. I don't how they can claim it is a handheld...

The specific CEM    DT-9929/9939  has also internal memory for 9999 events, but about availability, only in Poland and Russia.
Pricing 92-130EUR ( The cheapest price was found in Russia)


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--- Quote from: alm on November 12, 2011, 07:07:04 pm ---After Dave's last video, I'm not sure if the Agilent U1272A can be called a good data logging meter either ;). There are several affordable DMMs with computer connection, do you require stand alone data logging or is tethered to a computer acceptable? Not sure about affordable meters with internal storage, but I'm sure they're out there.

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DataHogging Multimeter.

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It obviously has a non-predictable FINO Buffer!


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I had that datasheet taped to the wall for 3 months  ;D ;D ;D


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