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Good Budget Datalogging DMM?

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I was just watching the Gaussian Resistor Redux video Dave just did and I was amazed on how helpful a Datalogger can be and I'm trying to understand why I never thought about getting one.

Is there anything good dataloggers under USD$200 that anyone knows of?

Or any other ideas?


A little-known gem:

(It doesn't have the features of the Agilent that Dave was playing with, but it doesn't cost anything like as much either.)

After Dave's last video, I'm not sure if the Agilent U1272A can be called a good data logging meter either ;). There are several affordable DMMs with computer connection, do you require stand alone data logging or is tethered to a computer acceptable? Not sure about affordable meters with internal storage, but I'm sure they're out there.

The Agilent software, and mostly the IR-cable device driver, goes nuts if the PC gets in any windows power saving mode, and wake up. 
If you keep this info at your never-to-do list,  nothing will spoil the fun.  ;)

Well I don't have a PC on my bench, nor is there really space for I was kind of thinking internal would be best.

I think the Agilent did a pretty decent job. My needs would not be even as much as what Dave did either.


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