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Good USB charger for smartphone

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On Amazon there are a multitude of USB chargers for smartphones in all price categories and I imagine they are also of all possible qualities.
I have seen on the internet some reviews of low quality Chinese USB chargers that do not have enough isolation between the AC part (high voltage) and the USB part (low voltage).
Firefighters in my country warn about the danger of leaving a cell phone charger plugged in unattended because of the risk of it catching fire.

Can anyone give me an advice on a particular brand or model of USB charger?

My requirements are not great, I will settle for a quality charger that is not going to burn out if I leave it plugged in or electrocute me and deliver up to 1 Amp at 5 Volts.

David Hess:
I stick with the major brands like Anker and UGreen.  I do not know who made the PD charger for my Lenovo laptop.

In fact the model I like is from Anker. I have tried their cables before and they are of good quality.

You may want to check the excellent website of forum member HKJ:

Index of tested USB power supplies/chargers

All Anker chargers are listed with a good opinion of quality and safety. I am going to buy the 24W model.
Thank you very much for the website.


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