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GVM H3 JBC clone with three handles, a transformer-driven heater, for 136 bucks?

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Power consumption is around 60W when heating and 5,5W standby (with T245 tip).

60W is rather poor.


--- Quote from: Roehrenonkel on December 26, 2023, 05:05:00 pm ---JBC has a case of aluminium-cast - as far as i can remember.

--- End quote ---
JBC stations used to be made of metal. My JBC AM rework stationis is made of aluminium and thick sheet steel. I have it at work.
Back in 2017 i had a JBC BD-2BA at my work and i think that it was made of cast aluminium. But today all JBC stations are probably made of plastic.
If you want a metal soldering station, you must choose from PACE, probably some of METCAL or Thermaltronics or some of Hakko like FX-838.


--- Quote from: Hydrawerk on January 31, 2024, 10:41:47 pm ---60W is rather poor.
--- End quote ---

Unless they do a water test (or equivalent) and confirm its actually capping at 60W, I wouldn't trust the number. If you are just testing random joints, with some random tip, the data is near meaningless. Power up consumption may be valid, usually it would be but who knows some might implement a slow startup.

Any one check is soldering tips grounded?
Any voltage on soldering tip ? (tip to ground)


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