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GVM H3 JBC clone with three handles, a transformer-driven heater, for 136 bucks?

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--- Quote from: thm_w on March 20, 2024, 10:03:06 pm ---That is still slow heating up time for a T245, 7 or 8 seconds. But, that could just be PID loop settings so may be a non-issue for normal soldering.

--- End quote ---

I don't think it's the PID loop that introduces that delay, because with the C210 and C115 irons the times are the usual ones. However, I suspect that this is a compromise if you want to create a station that supports the three handpieces while having a single 13 Volt power supply for all of them.

Surely the C245 is the one that suffers the most in the heating phase with only 13 Volts, if it were powered by 24 Volts like a Jabe or an Aixun the rise would be much quicker, but with 13V this is the price to pay with that transformer 70 W which, during the welding phase, is sufficient for most jobs.

We are still talking about a $140 station, which I repeat is not bad

Yeah I forgot its limited to 13V, so ~60-70W max at 2.5 ohm.

Though nothing stops you from using 18-24V and then capping the duty cycle for the smaller tip sizes (C210, C115). You'd probably want to rectify so you can chop at a higher frequency, cost can go up.

There is that WEMON station that might be doing this, slightly cheaper:

Looks the same on the inside?


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