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GVM H3 JBC clone with three handles, a transformer-driven heater, for 136 bucks?

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There's a new soldering station that just got released recently on Aliexpress. It's the GVM H3 soldering iron

 - includes all three T245, T210, T115 handles.
 - 70 W transformer
 - nice lcd display
 - no overshoot in temp regulation
 - brass wool with splash guard
 - holder with standby mode and even an antenna
 - similar connector for handles to JBC, looks like it could support the real handles as well
 - even the back of the iron holder has a spot to catch dripping solder, good attention to detail that a lot of Chinese clones forget about.

I mean, all three handles and a transformer? It looks too good to be true. The only downside I can see right now is the transformer secondary voltage is 12V, which is a bit low for the C245 cartridges, but it's perfectly fine for C210 and C115, and the video demonstration showed a pretty quick heat up for the C245.

This looks like a new product that was just released. Has anyone seen it? There's currently no reviews or anything online. There's not even much customer reviews on this yet. But if it can deliver what it says it does, the price to value is just amazing at 130 buck. It blows all the Aixuns out of the water. It looks better too.

T245 heater resistance is around 2.4 ohms. So you'd get near 60W for that tip at 12V.
Good but I don't think it directly competes with the Aixun as they are all about maximum power, claiming 200W capable.

But if you are doing microsoldering this seems like a solid value choice. Usually manufacturers charge a large premium for their microsoldering handpieces/tips.

I just went ahead and ordered one ill see how well it does overall compared to the 420d since currently thats my main stations at the moment.

I am waiting for the review. Also disassemble the unit can be a help for other

Any news on this station? Has anyone used this extensively since its release? I am in the market for something similar and don't quite want to build the axxsolder for now (nor is it in this price range).


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