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HAKKO FR-301 desoldering tool

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HAKKO has released the new FR-301 desoldering tool with improved anti clogging system. The unit is already available with CE mark and 220/240V input.

This unit support different nozzle from FR-300.
Nozzle N61 series is the same for FR-410, it offers more shapes including the high demanded oval one.

That looks like a nice improvement.

now I know why element14(farnell) is having a deep discount on their FR-300 stock at the moment.

any idea of when we should expect the 301 to start showing up outside japan?

Of course they have... since my 300 just arrived last week.. :)

We have them but we are based in Europe

Hi guys

     Ray.B here and I called American Hakko a while back about the FR-301 which was listed on the Japanese Hakko website.  I had bought the FR-300 late last year, and I was asking about the length of support for the FR-300 which I just bought.  Well they then said that they didn't have it on their website yet.  Well today, Hakko discontinued the FR-300, they have three years for sales and five years minimum to when parts and tip will run out ( maybe longer if the parts last ), per their website announcement.
    While I had them on the phone I asked if they would produce a conversion kit or upgrade path for a FR-300 to FR-301 conversion.  They took it under consideration.  I just downloaded a FR-301 parts list from Hakko and some of the parts are the same between the FR-300 and FR-301.  I noticed that the heater and the tip parts were different of course, some of the other parts were identical part numbers.  Some of the parts are different numbers, but they may fit the FR-300.  I noticed the parts list for the FR-301 shows different part numbers for the motor 120, and 240, where the FR-300 used a 35 volt motor changing input voltages with resistors, on the EEVblog forums.  Maybe they changed the motor to a full line voltage direct drive?  Well at least we have two to three years to sort out the differences, to get a list of parts to convert our FR-300 to FR-301.  Later Ray.B


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