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Hakko FR-301 versus Hakko 808 versus alternatives

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I'm a long time Hakko 808 user. It's been a good tool over the years, but has started to become more problematic, particularly with getting clogs right at the back end of the heat tube. It's doing this no matter how careful I am with it.

I've been thinking about "upgrading" to a FR-301. I was hoping someone here who has owned both tools could give me a rundown of the various pluses and minuses. In particular, whether I'd be making a step backward in any way with the 301.

My other option would be something like the 410, but I honestly don't know that I do enough desoldering to justify such a thing. Almost all other manufacturers (Pace, JBC, etc) are a considerable premium. I'd love a pace desoldering station to complement my new ADS200, but I don't think I can justify the prices.



I don't think there is really anything better for the price, the other day someone posted about the Den-on SC-7000Z which seems to be another Japanese offering. Looks smaller profile which may be a good or bad thing but it's a few hundred more expensive (as best as I can recall).

That section looks part of the heater. The same design problem exists on the newer model as well and eventually may need replacing. The Pace design it's all part of the tip so when you replace or swap to another tip you're back in business.

The old 808 heaters were about $50 the newer ones are about $75 so that is how much you are looking at to fix that particular problem.


--- Quote from: Shock on March 15, 2023, 01:26:48 am ---The Pace design it's all part of the tip so when you replace or swap to another tip you're back in business.
--- End quote ---

I have to admit the Pace ST-125 is an attractive station, but the price at ~ $1000 is a bit much, and then you're also looking at up to $35 - $80 per tip.

Unfortunately tweezers, desoldering tools and stations aren't particularly cheap.

Just to clarify Pace mostly sells tips in packs for the SX100 not singles, comes to about $8 per tip if you get the 6993-0288-P1 pack. Hakko does a pack also, works out at about $17 each. Generally Paces consumables are cheaper across the board than other brands. They do sell some more expensive removal tips but hard to draw a comparison as some of them are fancy.


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