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Hakko RF soldering tweezers - FX-1003 - $240


Saw this linked on SDGs latest metcal comparison video.
FX-1003 tweezers:

- $242 with stand
- $155 for just the tweezers
- $73 for tips

Hard to say for sure, but the tweezer design does look better than the FM2023's, which are OK. They've added more adjustability.

It should work with old Metcal stations, at a slightly reduced power (50W vs 40W). Meaning this is the cheapest overall package you could put together.
Only thing is the stand will not sleep automatically, Hakko uses microswitch for this. So you could add in some magnets to drop the temperature a bit.

I posted some price comparison before of hot tweezers, basically there is the junk $50 handles, then the price jumps up:
- JBC AM120 $170 tips $80
- Hakko FM2023 $300 with stand, tips $60
- Pace MT-200 $350, $450 with stand, tips $54

and you can't use some of these on any old station, has to be a mid or high-end version that will run the two heaters.

Tip selection:
- T38-02L1
- T38-02L2
- T38-02K

According to Hakko, the knife tip is for drag soldering. It won't work so well for picking up components due to the sharp angle.
Based on this, I see 02L1 or 02L2 being the most useful tips for average person (for something like 0603/0805/etc). Then conicals/bents for very small components.

Ordered from handle + 02L2 from tequipment, their prices are even lower if you log in.

tequipment and hakkousa are the only sellers I could find currently in NA.
tequipment did not actually have them in stock and has given an estimated ship date: 07/22/2021. You only find this out after you order.
hakkousa claims in stock, I should have ordered from them instead, oops.


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