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Hakko FX888D - paint from holder coming off

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I recently purchased a Hakko FX888D from a distributor in Germany. It works ok, but there is an annoying problem: the yellow paint from the iron holder comes off and the iron itself turns yellow after just a few weeks and maybe a dozen times of using the device :( (also see the attached pictures). I asked the distributor about this and he told me that this is completely normal and Hakko would not replace the holder.

Is this really true?  One has to live with the fact, that the paint of the original iron holder of an Hakko FX888D comes of within the first weeks of usage? I understand that painted parts are more sensitive to mechanical stress - but to me it seems to be a design flaw to paint a part like this when then paint comes off right after the first couple of uses.

Oh, yes. It gets much worse. And it does happen on genuine devices.

It will also get pretty worn from the iron itself. The inner part of that yellow thing is a goner.

I don't think there is much you can do.

Ok, then I'll try to get another holder without any painted parts. But I'm still baffled - Hakko is a recommended brand and I did not expect such problems.

I would probably just strip the paint from the existing holder. It is generally not bead, and much better than many alternatives.

Or just deal with bits of paint for a bit, everything that was going to be scratched will get scratched soon, and the problem will go away.

Well - the holder also has another problem:

When the iron is hot and the metal of the holder getting warmer it also seems to expand very slightly. This causes a quite snug fit of the iron in the holder which can even cause the holder to "stick" to the iron. When I am not careful while pulling the iron out of the holder it can happen that I am pulling the whole thing along the table with the iron :(. This happened a couple of times - and together with the paint problem this was enough hassle for me.

My final solution: getting a Hakko FH-300 holder. Eventhough this was not designed for the FX-8801 it fits perfectly :). Tight enough to keep everything in place without the iron tip touching anything (there is also an internal metal frame to keep the iron positioned inside) but still wide enough, so I can take the iron out and throw it back in without any hassle. The (replacable) top part is made of some kind of solid plastic which seems to be heat resistent as well and there is nothing coming off. Instead of the sponge you can also put in a Hakko 599B "tip cleaner ball" which fits exactly.

In my opinion the original holder of the FX888D should be exactly like this - at least the top part where you put in the iron.


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