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Hameg - amazing feedback for this company!

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I have Hameg HM407 oscilloscope that is around 10 years old, recentry it stopped working and only beeping.

I contacted Hameg tech support and they sent me service manual.
And thats not all, I asked for help with troubleshooting and decoding beeping codes..
They told me what does it mean if scope beeps 4 than 5 times and how to fix it.

The problem was bad soldering contacts on one of the microcontrolers on digital board.. its working again.

Its so rare that company stands behind their products like this.
One is for sure: my next scope would be Hameg again!

Cool. They really are very helpful, I got the circuit diagrams for a nearly 50 year old scope from them once.
Not many other companies would have bothered.

i agree, companies that do stuff like that are awesome.

Perhaps what's more impressive (not at all to take away from the customer service aspect!) is that they could FIND those documents! Maybe for 10 year old scopes, ok, but even WITH Tektronix' assistance I had a hard time tracking down a manual for my 20 year old 2221A.

It's super cool to hear that they're into the customer service even for a sale that might not happen for years, though. Too many companies would just try to capitalize and try to get you to buy a new scope.

ot. but remind me of a china company that make photography strobe (BOLING strobe) i bought from ebay. i emailed them after one of mine got failed, they sent me pdf and protel files showing detailed schematic and any possible email help they can. i said, wow! very good service. i never promote them to anyone thereafter, i hope someone will find this post out and buy BOLING photographic strobes instead of other cheapo brand. Cheers ;)


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