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Model of connector for T32 Tips on HAKKO FX100


I got from ebay some Hakko FX100's induction (13.56Mhz) tips and i'm a little bit wondering about the type of connector used to plug the tips inside the handle.

Do someone know which kind of brand and type of coax connector is used inside the handle for the HAKKO FX 100 induction soldering station ?

For example,i knows that's for metcal tips (STTC) is used the micro smb from "Amphenol"
Here you got the picture for Metcal tip connector;attach=18736;image

Are you planning something?

Hi & Sorry for my misstyping.
I dind't got my self hakko 100's induction tips from ebay i meant that i saw them,so sorry again for my mistake.
By the way i'm interested in the power supply plug of these tip's,because in the future i'm willing to buy the entire Hakko FX100 induction soldering set.
The reason i'm asking about the model of the plug on these tips is,because i wish to make my own custom handle for this Hakko's IH tips.

Did you make the handle yet?
Here are the dimensions of the H70-BC1 thermaltronics, equivalent to hakko T31-02BC1

The shaft size is the same as Metcal, but due to the additional collar it wouldn't fit into a normal Metcal handle. You'd have to bore out the handle and have some adapter section inside.
The connector seems to almost mate with a metcal tip, so might be the same, just that they've flipped genders.


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