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Has anybody used the Agilent U1272 Smart Ohms feature?

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Has anybody used the smart ohms features on this meter?  How well does it work?  The theory is that it turns the excitation current on and off to subtract off the offset voltage -- the intent is to measure ground resistance when there might be other voltages present.  I would be interested to see how it works in the presence of 30 mVAC + 10 mVDC.

So they've found a new name for offset compensated ohms which has been present in some bench meters for at least thirty years? The specs should tell the voltage range. At least the appnote about ground resistance measurement has the information, so I expect that it's also in the manual. I wouldn't expect it to work with AC unless explicitly stated, since resistance tends to be a DC only measurement on a DMM.

I do not have adjustable AC calibrator.
But I do have at DC.

Enjoy 30 mVDC.    ;)

I can confirm it works with AC too, 
I did one small test circuit, just to test about AC, and no about accuracy.

The circuit is simple, one 3V T/F one 2K R + the 8010 measuring mA + 3K R , and back to the T/F.
The DMM got in parallel with the 2K R .

This is what I got in the screen.  ( pictures 1+2+3)

Then removed the 8010 DMM , tested the circuitry again.
1) Disconnect the AC
2) Tested the R2K alone = 1.999
3) Reconnect the R2K with the R3K and the  T/F  ( The R2K fall to 1.18K)
4) AC on
5) Instead of mV I changed to mA ,  and I got exactly the same mA that I was measuring with the 8010A DMM,
and just a bit more, because with out it the resistance of the circuitry become lower,
and the mA got a bit high.

I can not explain why with the voltage on, the R2K looks as pictured in the picture No4.

But speaking about accuracy,  the mA are spot on, on AC. ( smart Ohm) 


Thanks!  I know it is an old trick with a new name, but it is nice to see it working in a hand held meter.


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