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Have a lot of 0402 work coming up, worth buying some soldering tweezers?

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--- Quote from: jnz on June 29, 2022, 04:58:52 pm ---I had figured the thermal tweezer recommendations for my needs might be "don't bother". It would be really nice to grab a part and remove, but I do have an air rework station, and I can paste these boards.

--- Quote from: eugene on June 29, 2022, 02:08:56 pm ---As already stated, hot tweezers are mainly useful for rework. They are by far the fastest way to remove a passive that is already soldered down. If you do a lot of rework they can save time over hot air or other tricks, but lots of rework gets done without them.

If you have $400 to spend, I would suggest getting a stereo zoom microscope. Amscope is common source for adequate quality at a good price. Be sure to get a 0.5 Barlow lens. This cuts the power in half but doubles the working distance between the lens and the work. It's important to have room for your soldering iron etc.

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Well, shoot this does seem like a better idea. I'll research. The Amscope models I checked quickly were no where near $400, but for a microscope, I could increase budget.

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There are lots of variations to consider but these are two popular baseline models.  With either of these you would probably want to add a 0.5 Barlow lens to get some useful working space and add some lighting.  Sometimes Amscope offers discounts beyond what they show on their web site.  If you ask for a quote they will work with you.  I don’t solder a lot but there is no doubt that the microscope improved my soldering skills a bunch by enabling me to see in real time with clear detail.  With the microscope, good lighting, a decent soldering iron/tip, tweezers, and something to hold the PCB soldering (and desoldering) down to 0402 is feasible.

Thermal tweezers are useful in systematic removal job in production environment. You can fine tune tip geometries and working positions to match the job. Problem could be large ground planes, most tweezer tips are quite thin. In this case using large single tip, some flux and using the component as thermal route is safest for the PCB.


--- Quote from: jnz on June 29, 2022, 04:58:52 pm ---It would be really nice to grab a part and remove, but I do have an air rework station, and I can paste these boards.

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Invest in some K style tips.
They're like a 45o chisel and this long face can easily reach across both pads of a 1206 passive package and allow you to pick it off with tweezers or just wipe it from the pads.

While you can solder with them their profile doesn't allow for the best thermal transfer and if the layout is compact you might need to swap tips or better still, get a second iron to swap over onto on your base station.


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