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Heat C210 at 24V


Hello. I'm looking for a soldering station that accepts C245 and C210. Generally C245 is 24V and C210 is 12V.
After that, while looking at the Chinese market, I found a soldering station that can be used by replacing the handles of C245 and C210. But C210 is also running on 24V.
The seller says there is no problem, but please let me know your opinions on heating the C210 with 24V. I wonder if the tip will wear out faster?

As I remember, the C210 cartridges have a lower heater resistance (about 2 ohm) than the C245.
At 12V, the peak power is about 72W. With 24V, that would be 4 times that: 288W.
They will sure heat up very fast (they already do at 12V), but that's clearly completely out of spec. I don't know what damage it can do. I doubt this unit is capable of delivering 288W anyway, so with C210 cartridges it probably limits the current anyway and so they'll never see 24V in practice. The max rated power of this unit will tell you.

You can see in the screenshot in the upper left corner they show 85W for C245 and 32W for C210. If these values are accurate they are perfectly safe powers to use. You can measure when you plug in the station. 24V vs 12V should be a non-issue if its properly designed.

C245 can handle a bit more, 120W or so. But most people should be fine with 85W.
C210 can probably handle 50W+ but unsure how it affects lifespan of the tip. 32W is OK for small stuff, its close to what JBC uses anyway.

I think it'd be OK if PWMed, slow on-off control would certainly be abusive.


--- Quote from: BrokenYugo on May 21, 2024, 08:55:05 pm ---I think it'd be OK if PWMed, slow on-off control would certainly be abusive.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, to clarify, properly designed = PWM'ed at greater than 200Hz or so.


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