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Help deciding between scopes: Owon SDS7102 OR Hantek DSO5000B


Kernel SegFault:
I finally have saved up some money to get a new scope to replace me slow USB scope. I've browsed these forums and others, read whatever reviews I could find, and flipped through some manuals but I cannot decide which I should go with between the Owon SDS710 and the Hantek DSO5000B. If I got the Hantek I would apply the 200Mhz patch. I have watched marmad's reviews of both of them, but that only helped a little as he spent more time going over the Owon. Since I can't decide with what I know and I have some other questions if anyone knows. I am between these as I would like to have the larger screen.

Has the Owon has any FW upgrades released since it came out? Some people say that they are sent to owners and not openly published?
Which company is more likely to release FW updates more often, I assume Hantek?

The Owon has no fine adjustment correct?

Does the Owon have the windowed view?

Any other reasons to choose one over the other that I may have missed?

Thanks for your help.

Throw a dice. Because both have their quirks and both are a compromise of cost vs. quality. You are wasting your time with trying to find an optimum.

pick the owon, it has the highest numer, ie starts with a 7  ;D

I think marmad did a superb review as unlike many reviews, he briefly had all 3 scopes to compare by himself.  You have to weigh things that are nontechnical too: which is easier to buy?  Which seller is likely to give you an easy time returning it if it malfunctions?  What if the Hantek dealer charges far less than the Owon, or the other way around?  I prefer local vendors so I can return it easily, not one based outside the country. for example often pays for the return shipping too, but it varies by product and who is the actual seller. 

Once hacked, it may not be returnable so keep it in mind, even if you reverse the hack; you could also brick it in the process.

Formally, when we buy large systems we put a checklist of needs or features, prioritize it on a scale from 1-10, and then look at the item to buy and score it based on how well it meets those needs; add it all up and whomever meets your score wins. 

As BAW said, they all have pros and cons, which pros do you prefer? which con can you not live with?  If you are looking for a general purpose scope and the pros and cons are unclear to you, then its probably clear either will do as you don't have a specific need that needs be met and can differentiate the strengths and weaknesses of either. 


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