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HIGH Temperature Solder Pot / Bath - HELP!


Hi All,

I have an application where a PTFE equipment wire is brazed to a bundle of enameled coper wires (enamel mechanically stripped back for termination).

The jointing process is currently completed using a flame torch (oxy propane) to heat the leads/wires up before feeding/melting the brazing filler to for the joint. I would like to investigate a hot dip process using a high temperature solder pot.

The challenge is that the melting point of the filler metal is 644-800 Deg C!

Is anyone aware of a high temperature solder pot with the ability to consistently achieve and maintain this temperature?

I look forward to receiving your inputs.


its probobly considered really hazardous because you can dip something in the flask of molten metal (it would need to be a flask probobly with inert gas flood to be decent and not oxidized) and accidentally flick molten brass at something (like dipping a broom into water and striking it), quite a bit more impressive and flammable then lead splatter, since thats glowing.. regardless if its human or not you have a higher splash potential with really bad results

I can't even imagine it because my experience with torch brazing is tons of fumes from proper operation..

here it says you need a molten? salt dip prior to brazing too.

here is a video

the salt tank and the equipment used looks like a general hell hole compared to a torch, some rods and a can of flux. i recommend you don't go to this method unless scale demands it. It probobly smells like shit and fumes alot and splatters and has you inhaling salt aerosols. normal brazing a rag and a pale of water is enough to  clean up the excess flux and dross, with that setup it looks like you need 2 200 pound gorillas manning dust pans for the same effect lol. and look at the ridiculous gear they need to wear.

Bonjour SteveR: We had lots of use of solder pots and also wire welding for TC use back to 1980s.

No solder pot is designed for  644-800 Deg C. See the commercial pots ranges, normal RoHS or leaded is 230-270 deg C. NOT designed for soldering not your application.

Depending on the wire guage we would suggest to spot weld rather than braze.

We did that on type K thermocouple wires to form TCs many times.

Much safer and neat joints re the solder pot/braze you suggest.

Bon chance



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