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High temperature thermal compound >500°C 932F

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Hi all,

Trying to improve thermal response of my old Hakko. I've been using thin aluminium shim as a spacer to fill void in between the ceramic heater and loose tips. I am thinking of using other material.

Nickel based anti seize - High temp, toxic?

Thermal compound Thermon T-99

This T-99 stuff is cool but heat transfer coefficient isn't the best. I also don't know where to buy this in very small amount. Smallest pack is 1gallon/3.79L.

Any other ideas?

I'm just wondering about the copper grease that's used on brake calipers. A quick check of my local car spares website says -40C to +1150C. You ought to be able to get it in small tubes. The only question is whether it will be too messy (although it is designed to stay put and not spread onto the friction surfaces).

how about a legit tip?

With a legitimate tip, you should have no problem soldering 4, 12 awg wires together. with a 1$ replacement tip, you will have to crank the Hakko up to 480C just to solder 2, 16 awg wires together in a reasonable amount of time.

it would not surprise me if a metal shim will decrease the heat transfer...

Anti-seize seems the most likely candidate. Nickel, copper, moly D, probably doesn't much matter.

Be absolutely sure to keep it well away from anything that might possibly be conductive nearby.  I'm not sure how the stuff will flow (or not) once it's kind of baked into place.

Speaking of, most come with a grease base..?  So that'll bake out the first time, which is bound to be nasty.

+2 on getting a legit tip instead of making a mess.


Maybe just melt some solder in there, as long as you're fine with never changing tips cold?  :)


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