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I'm looking for a high voltage probe to use with a tektronix TDS3032 up to say 5,000V or up to 10,000V.

I found the P6015A but its like $1000, anyone know of anything cheaper?

If you want to measure DC then you can get away with one of those HV probes and a multimeter.

If you want to measure AC then the only option is a HV oscilloscope probe like the P6015A. There was also the P6015 (without the A) model that required a freon dielectric to safely meaure beyond 12 KV. These quite often come up on ebay but don't expect to pay below 300 USD

I believe someone on the TekScopes list tested a HV probe designed for DMM's, I think the bandwidth reached somewhere in the kHz range.

The Tek P6013, which is basically the same as the P6015 without the almost unavailable freon, may also be available used. I would be vary careful with trusting cheap knock-off probes with these kinds of voltages. Maybe HP/Agilent or Lecroy have similar products? Of course you'd also have to inspect a used probe carefully before exposing it to dangerous voltages.

Watch the voltage derating of probes, even a P6015A is not designed for 10kV RMS at 10MHz.

What about a probe that'll measure up to 500V?  The probe I am currently using is rated to 150V.  The signal will be approx 40-200V, 1-10khz, various waveforms (square, sine)

wasn't there a video on here a while back about building your own high voltage probe ?


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