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Hioki 3801 Digital Multimeter


Very accurate, good quality Japanese multimeter.

This is older model of 3801 and is a bit slow when measuring capacitors. If selected manual range, voltage readings are pretty fast.
Switch selector has that high-quality feeling.

Display is very good and with good contrast.

Overall very good!

Looks like new Agilent meters are actually HIOKI multimeters with few changes. Maybe Hioki 3801-50 looks exactly the same as Agilent U125X.

Switch selector looks exactly the same etc...

Compare to EEVBLOG 56


Looks good IMO, though clearly an older design (all SOIC/QFP with huge 50mil pin spacing, some trimmers). Most meters are fairly slow measuring caps, think about RC time (charging a C through an R), and that multimeters don't exactly represent a low-impedance voltage source (relatively large R).


--- Quote from: zaoka on January 27, 2011, 07:58:48 pm ---Maybe Hioki 3801-50 looks exactly the same as Agilent U125X.

--- End quote ---

The bright side of such similarities , could be that they share the same LCD,
but in this case it does not work that way. 


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