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HIOKI 3804-50 multimeter teardown


This is HIOKI 3840-50 multimeter

It cost $75 on eBay, othervise it retails for about $120US.

9999 counts
0.09% for DC
Sampling rate: 7 times for V/A, 14times for diode, ohm, continuity
Measure capacity up to 10000uF, sampling rate 4 times per second.

Please note that this is completely new design from the old HIOKI 3804.

Comparing to Agilent U1272A DC readings and ohms are mostly the same, speed is about the same. Very fast auto-ranging, almost instant for DC.
View angle and display contrast are one of the best I have seen so far. Display is also protected by thick plastic shield.

Rotary switch is using balls and springs and feels very very nice! It comes with amazing rubber cover and test leads. 3805-50 is also RMS.

I think this meter is candidate for best meter under $100.

As for design its using gold plated contacts for the switch and buttons, soldering is top of the line.
How good is design I dont know. Im sure Dave can tell from the pictures.

I use this meter every day and for some reason I like it more than Fluke 79IV, probably because its a bit faster and have better contrast.

What e-bay? or some other because I can't fin it.
HIOKI 3840 or 3804? I searched for both with no result.


Where is it made?


I got 2 meters from this guy:

Its made in Taiwan, 2010 design.


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