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Hot air station HES-1000 ST from STAHLWERK

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On my search for a decent hot air station i came across the HES-1000 ST from STAHLWERK.
Does anyone know it and is it recommended?

I don't know about that station. I got a Best BST863 on the cheap from banggod. Two were dead on arrival. Third one worked. Banggood replaced all. Station is working good and they are now shipping from China with increased prices. It looks as if you could get the last one from banggood CZ warehouse saving a little money. Here's the link but you are at your own risk, don't blame me if it's dead on arrival:

Stahlwerk, AFAIK, is also a chinese brand but it seems they care about quality more than chinese usually do? I have no experiene with them but watched some good reports about their MIG/TIG equipement, so you could give them a try.

People seem to agree that Quick 861 is good at work and quality made, but it's more in the 300 bucks range

I found an almost identical hot air station called YIHUA 993DM.
From what i see in the video, i am not convinced.


From the comments on that video:

@iMa Mobil Apple Repair In general, we import wholesale machines of many brands, for people who resell in Mercado Libre and other platforms, we also sometimes sell balances of machines that are left. I have tried, seen and repaired many machines and most of the time between one model and another of the same brand and of a similar price range they are almost the same, only the casing and the control card change are very similar with almost the same components in different position but basically the same, they use the same resistors and the same fans or pumps, sometimes they add an extra ground wire. So in terms of performance and temperature stability it is the same

I have to agree. Best BST-863 seems to be a clone of quick 861. IIRC, fan and heater would be the same? About the Best... you'll find spares if needed. You can get more details easily, there's a thread about that station here:

Don't miss my heater glowing red hot... :palm: However, as said, Banggood sent me another working unit (third one) After that I repaired the fan and changed the heater, so I have now two working units.

If you are on a budget, you could try any of the clones. If you have deep pockets, go for the Quick.

I decided to go with an original Quick 861DW - although i don't have deep pockets.
My experience simply complies with the rule - If you buy cheap you often buy twize :)


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