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I know! Another Multimeter question sorry!

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There is a separate thread with videos on the main page:

I would take Dave's advise.

--- Quote from: firewalker on May 25, 2011, 12:43:13 pm ---Apart the problem Dave reported, what are the other problems? Could someone make a summing up?

--- End quote ---

He might be, just read his how-to-buy a Fluke thread on eBay.  I did pretty much the same thing, if you are patient and wait, a good deal comes through.

I would say he is an authority on buying second hand Flukes, and definitely the man for buying Fluke's through eBay.

--- Quote from: Mechatrommer on May 25, 2011, 11:45:06 am ---i wonder if he's willing to sell cheap 2nd hand some of those.

--- End quote ---

Richard W.:
If i were you i would buy a Gossen Metrawatt. no doubt. definitely.
Even if you don't need the industrial ruggedness and indestructibleness

There is a model called Metrahit TECH. It has a little less features as the XTRA but it is cheaper and the current-range is a little bit more precisely.

The XTRA goes down to a 10nA resolution, the TECH down to 1µA, the PRO to 100µA, the BASE has no current range.

If you don't need PC connection or datalogging: Metrahit TECH, otherwise: X-TRA  ;D


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