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I won a DE0-Nano!


Terasic was having a contest to give away a few of their new DEO-Nano altera FPGA boards and I won one! I'll post a review here once I actually get it and get a chance to play around.


What was your suggested use?

Huh, for some reason it disappeared this morning and is back now. Anyway, some of the others seemed cool but none were especially detailed or over the top or humorous. Here's mine:

--- Quote ---I would start by adding rudimentary object recognition to our existing robot platform. But of course, that VASTLY underutilizes the copious GPIO available: step two would be a robotic grabber and manipulator arm. Add to that a wide, perhaps 32 bit connector with a standardized communication protocol and a few more GPIO for an 802.15 radio. With all that in place, it would then be time to mass produce. Hundreds, nay, THOUSANDS of replicas. With the self-modification afforded by LUT read/write primitives, and the ability to physically interface with the world and each other, only one step remains: Finally, I'd sprinkle a light dusting of gaussian noise over my algorithms. Rise and bear witness, my ARMY OF EVOLVING ROBOTS! Of course you are right, some will perish. The one that accidentally turns its master control relay enable line low will be no more, and the two who fight to the death with their grabber arms will surely not last. But such is the nature of evolution: some will arise from the others' ashes, better, more able!

Of course, assuming they all enter infinite loops and croak within the first 20 minutes, I'll probably just make a user-specific voice recognizer to open my dorm room door without a key. Butterfly FFTs are just so much faster and cleaner on FPGAs than Arduinos.
--- End quote ---

Oh and I'll post a full review once I get a chance from the perspective of an experienced Xilinx user. I've played with it a little but haven't gotten a chance to fool around too much yet.


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