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--- Quote from: Kiriakos-GR on January 23, 2011, 01:36:28 am ---By the same way of thinking , if some one are so strict about security and health maters,
he must never get aboard on an airplane, ever !!

--- End quote ---
Still safer than cars by a long shot, not sure how occupational hazards compare. It's also about costs/benefit. The price of a good DMM is a few hundred dollars, which you can use for many years. The costs (in time) of taking the boat/train instead of flying, or changing jobs/vacation destination, is likely to be much higher.

Your diplomacy  does now work here  :P

And I was aware that there was no hope to agree with me,
and so I am not surprised ..  :)


--- Quote from: saturation on January 22, 2011, 02:06:21 pm ---
It doesn't even discuss the ratings of the probes, which is not tested.  Even if you have CAT rated probes but they have been abused or worn, they can still fail.

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Probes, leads and accessories for test and measurement equipment are also covered by IEC61010. Probes and probe assemblies are covered by IEC61010-031. If a manufacturer claims it complies to IEC61010 then the probes supplied with the instrument must have been tested and rated correctly.

IEC61010 edition 3 was released last year and currently manufacturers are revisiting instruments and probes to test if they comply to the new standard - so expect that DMMs and spares will all change over the next 18 months or so.




--- Quote ---IEC61010 edition 3
--- End quote ---

IEC 61010-1 ed3.0

There it is 322 pages PDF !!

But even so, practically the what ever changes will touch the market after 3-4 years. (practically) .

We have many examples of some rules , that  (practically) was not usable.

End so it will not be an mystery to me, if there will be any IEC 61010-1 ed3.0a ,
that sorts out such cases.

Oh my , it looks that even the document has an price of 300 CHF (Swiss francs),
or 312$  ..    

I think people forget that the mains can unleaser some high power and when you pump power/heat into a confined space things start to expand fast. after all gunpowder on its own just burns violently, encase it and then set light to it and the sudden presure in the confined space produce an explosion, same with pumping power into small items


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