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--- Quote from: Kiriakos-GR on January 23, 2011, 05:07:23 pm ---
--- Quote ---IEC61010 edition 3
--- End quote ---

IEC 61010-1 ed3.0

There it is 322 pages PDF !!

But even so, practically the what ever changes will touch the market after 3-4 years. (practically) .

We have many examples of some rules , that  (practically) was not usable.

End so it will not be an mystery to me, if there will be any IEC 61010-1 ed3.0a ,
that sorts out such cases.

Oh my , it looks that even the document has an price of 300 CHF (Swiss francs),
or 312$  ..    

--- End quote ---

There is always a transition period when a new standard comes out, usually three years. In Europe, the date of adoption is is when the standard is published in the Official Journal. The new standard includes things that were not considered on the previous standard, the main one being rules for insulation on multi-layer PCBs.

Each time we produce a new instrument at work, someone has to sit down and go through that document clause by clause and produce a report to say that the product meets each point, test or requirement.

As for the edition 3.0a - I jolly well hope so as there is a monumental inconsistancy in two to the tables relating to mains clearance. It appeas that someone has transposed a couple of digits and it made its way through all the committee stages, ( there were at least 2 CDVs that I know of) without being spotted. We spotted it at work when working out a spreadsheet to calcultate creepage, clearance and test voltages.

CDV is a code used for standards work. It stands for Committee Draft for Voting. Basically, when it reaches this stage a draft standard is sent around all the members and they can either accept the draft or reject it.  The votes are tallied and if the magic number is reached the standard is accepted, if not it all starts again


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