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Interesting new range of pen style oscilloscopes at DealExtreme

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While browsing my favorite junk store, I came across these things.
They range from 5MHz BW at 40MSPS to 50MHz BW at 400MSPS. Prices from $112 to $274.

They are claimed to be 500V P-P inputs but I don't think I would want to test that spec. in practice. 1megohm input impedance is not going to be very useful for some things but they look like they might have a place in some portable tool kits.

I have a couple of a the Oszifox Penscopes that are useful for probing around in simple circuits in the field. These look like much more useful scopes. I am thinking of buying one to see, but I hate throwing money away if they are hopeless junk as can be the case with many things DealExtreme.

Looks like a bit of a toy, and the higher bandwidth ones look rather overpriced, and the higher BW ones seem to have LESS memory depth than the cheapest one!
Also only 1M input impedance.
Could be useful in some limited circumstances I suppose.
Question is how often will one of these be adequate and not need a more full-spec scope.
Based on previous experience of gimmicky gear like this, I would be somewhat surprised if the user interface wasn't a complete dog.

I was thinking that one of these could be something you keep in your pocket along with a pocket multimeter when you are running around doing things where it is not convenient to carry around a full tool kit. Like you said, limited usefulness...

The price is not that bad for these if they actually live up to their specs and work correctly and have user friendly interfaces.

Some years ago I  bought an 'OziFox' ProbeScope pen style oscilloscope but found it to be a bit of a disappointment. You couldn't easily see the display whilst probing a test point. I took it back to the retailer as that unit was quite expensive at the time. The retailer admitted that its a nice idea and a great gadget but lacked practicality due to display position and size. I still liked the idea of a very compact oscilloscope though. That is why I purchased the Velleman HPS140i pocket DSO with 40Ms/s. You can stand it on the bench or equipment and probe with ease using a conventional CRO probe  :)

The OziFox ProbeScope can be found here:

I note that Pico Technology took a different approach. Their offering captures waveforms and displays them on a PC screen later.

Yeah, I had an OsziFox - total joke- pathetic resolution and no internal battery.

Something I think is wrong about these new ones is the display is at the opposite end to the probe end, so you'll have to keep moving your eye focus between the probe and the display.


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