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IP67 Rated Waterproof Autoranging Multimeter


I just picked up this $120 multimeter, as my cheapy. It looks like an Extech EX 530 Mock up but it seems to have some good features, wide cap range, true RMS and stuff. I bought it over the counter and asked for a discount so they reduced it to $100  ;D.
The data can be found on the web site below where I bought it.

Yes I submerged it in a bucket of water.
Yes I dismantled it, no water inside  ;D.
yes it looks to be a tough meter and reasonably well made.
No I didn't run over it with my car, but I will if you want to buy me another one ;D.
I have tear down pics if you wanna see em, and if I can work out how to put them on this here forum.

For my not so cheapy I'm considering a UNI-T 4-3/4 TRUE RMS MULTIMETER UT71D, Or an Extech EX 530.
the UNI-T I can buy locally for around $150, The Extech is considerably more expensive at $190 from the US.

regards to all



--- Quote from: walcen on July 29, 2011, 09:46:16 am ---Yes I submerged it in a bucket of water.

--- End quote ---

The true IP67 it should be able to be submerged for 30 minutes and dust-proof.

But this specific no-name DMM have as specifications : IP67 splash and dust-proof
This Rating looks to be a true IP54.


(I do keep a copy of the videos: EEVblog #64  & EEVblog #66)  Dave did his best on those two.  ;) 


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