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Ir Preheater and hot air. - Yihua 853
« on: September 16, 2016, 08:29:04 pm »

I spent a few hundred dollars and bought one of these, thinking that it might be a fizzer.    Well its turned out to be pretty good..   The ir preheat works well, and after measuring my pcb with a thermal camera, it was sitting within a few degress of the set point in about 60seconds..   I had an old board that had some small BGAS on it and and other bits and peices.   after applying hot air, the parts were easily lifted off, no damage to tracks..   in fact it does'tn take much air to get the solder to molten..

Its down side is that it is small. Its only going to be good for smallish pcbs ( maybe 150x150 max you might be able to do bigger with a bit of moving parts around..     

the soldering iron that comes with it is rubbish, its did not  get plugged in, and its unlikely it ever willl.   

what would have been nice ( and maybe a mod to it ) would be a programmable system so it could do a nice ramp up and turn things on / off.   And need a vacumn tool..

Anyway, value for money is high, this vendor delivered quickly..     Its certainly not a high end machine, but would be a good addition for any hobby work bench, and in fact probably even a professinal work bench wher eyou need to replace the odd chip..   Clearly there are better machiens.
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Re: Ir Preheater and hot air. - Yihua 853
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2016, 05:32:20 am »
I recently picked up a very similar looking machine from CircuitSpecialists: Same manufacturer possibly?

It doesn't have a soldering iron attached to it (I have a Hakko FX-888D for point soldering), which influenced my purchase.

Ramps up to operating temperature very fast, nice constant airflow but it doesn't show the current temp (only the set point, I might have missed something in the manual.) Has a magnetic switch that auto-powers off the hot air system when you nest it in the cradle on the side.

Only con is the lack of current temperature display so far.


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