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Is this the microscope I want?

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What I think I want:

- Stereo microscope for actual work (no idea what lens I want for 0402 work)
- auto focus camera for inspection
- large work area / depth
- The rubberized base seems nice
- protection filter, I expect fumes
- light, although ring lights have issues, I may dual purpose a webcam led panel for extra light
- Budget up to $600 complete


I know I don't want:

- to buy from aliexpress, no return option. I'd rather buy from Amazon, Ebay, or some other US based store.
- to pay $160-200 on shipping!

1. Can I buy a similar or better microscope and add the camera later? Links? Specs to look for? Models? Recommendations?

2. I looks to me like camera autofocus is going through the microscope lens - that it seems this would have to work with the scope focus. Will this adjust itself well through the whole focus range or will the camera fight the scope focus in a ton and only work at a couple of sweet spots?

I'm trying to put an order in somewhere asap, so any help would be appreciated.

If you want to add the camera you can get a trinocular microscope (which is what you linked).

Amscope is available in the US, many threads on here

I'm clueless as to which one I should be looking for. I see a lot of lens values and options, but not sure what is good for fine PCB work.

I bet this long blog post will be pretty helpful. Just a few points that I would add.

--- Quote ---... A good quality microscope will have modular eyepieces that can be swapped for higher or lower magnification....
--- End quote ---
For most microscopes, 10X eyepieces are best and 15X can sometimes be useful. Lower and higher power usually does not win you anything, although there are niche applications and certain microscopes where it does.

--- Quote ---... The eyepieces also should come with rubber eyecups that some people find helpful to rest their eyes on....
--- End quote ---
That usually means they are "high eyepoint" oculars which come with eyecups: to block room glare, if you don't wear glasses, or to protect your glasses from scratching, if you do. It is the "high eyepoint" you are after, almost always with little eyeglass symbols printed on the oculars.

--- Quote ---... If you would like to add a camera to your microscope, look for a microscope head that is simul-focal...
--- End quote ---
that is, the photo port has a 50:50 beam splitter. Microscope-specific cameras tend to have a poor price/performance ratio. I and others have found it is worth the trouble to adapt a mirrorless system camera body or an HD RPi camera module to the microscope.

My recommendation is buried in this long thread (which has lots of info for you):

More info:$500-solderinginspection-microscope!/


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