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Jabe UD-1200 vs. Jabe UD-1200 PRO vs. JBC CD-2SQE - need Firmware for UD-1200

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I am able to get the bin file for F103, can i use same for STM32F2 series as well

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After a while, i reviewed the PCB's and just found the different between the two PCB'S, the UD-1200 and the UD-1200 Pro. It's resistor R41, 2,2 kOhm (222 top marking).

R41 is present at the UD-1200 PCB. The pads are unpopulated on the UD-1200 Pro PCB.

After placing a 2,2 kOhm resistor to the Pro PCB, flashing the UD-1200 firmware, it starts as a UD-1200 with full temperature on T-245 handle. The T-210 handle is not recognized when R41 is soldered.

So it's possible after all?

@DavidAlfa Sorry for my late response. I managed to burn Q12 somehow. It's a PNP transistor (2F marking). I was waiting for the part. Q12 switches negativ voltage to the two LM358. Has something to do with detecting a tool plugged in and temperature adjustment for the tip. After replacing Q12 i could make an image.

To answer the question, yes, it works. Both devices are now fully working UD-1200 with T245 handles at full heat.

Now i just need a newer firmware. I'm in contact with someone willing to grab the firmware from his newer UD-1200.


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